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Equine Specialist Support for Mental Health Professionals

Are you a mental health professional working with a client who seems stuck or for whom talk therapy is not currently working? We are available to support other mental health professionals as Equine Specialists (ES) through the Harmony Through Horses resources and facility. Our support as an ES creates a triad of care by working with the horses to gain traction with those hard to reach clients or to move through areas where your client may be stuck and needing some experiential support. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy allows clinicians the opportunity to often bring what has been discussed in the office and put it into practice with the horses. 


All of our staff are qualified Equine Specialists and each has been trained in Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TFEAP) through the Natural Lifemanship Institute. Click here to learn more about Natural Lifemanship. 

Fees for an Equine Specialist are $75 per hour for the ES support at our facility and with our equine partners. A release of liability must be completed by all participants. 


Click here to request an appointment or consultation with one of our Equine Specialists. 

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