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Natural Horsemanship/Horsebackriding  Lessons

Our staff has over 90 years of combined horse experience and have worked in a variety of settings within the equine industry, from veterinary medicine to 4H/camp counselors to Intensive Out Patient Services, serving in various roles as veterinary assistants, trainers, program developers and 4H leaders. We bring with us lots of experience from various trainers and trainings from all over the country, all rooted in the foundational communication principles of Natural Horsemanship. 


If you have been interested in learning more about horses and starting lessons, or you are looking to improve your existing horsemanship skills, our staff is available to help. 

Do you have your own horse and you are wanting to fine tune your skills for improving that relationship or has something happened that has compromised your trust? We are happy to travel to you (if geographically feasible) to offer support in building and/or repairing that relationship. It is one of our favorite things to do!

Horsemanship lessons are $50/hr. 

Contact us to learn more about our lessons and availability. 

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